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IndustrialVR LLC

101 Hudson Street, 21st Floor

Jersey City, NEW JERSEY 07302 USA

Terms & Conditions : By ordering our asset packs you agree to that all assets are non-exclusive, you are not allowed to resell or redistribute the asset, in their original or altered form in any way or include them into any other packs for sale. This is a single studio license only, if you need to distribute the assets to outside contractors, please purchase a separate license for each contractor. We grand you the right to use the assets in private or commercial projects, we just ask you to include us into your products credit list. We do not offer return or refunds for digital content orders, your right for support and our liability is only limited to technical errors related to the assets themselves within the packs specific editor. Any exported, converted or source pack data is provided "as is". There is no oblication for product updates, they are provided by IndustrialVR LLC at its own discretion. The original copyright of IndustrialVR LLC remains unchanged.

Privacy Policy :

1.1. Personal Information.

We do not collect or store any data you provide to any of the other stores.

1.2. Sensitive Personal Information.

We do not collect any sensitive personal information from anyone.

1.3. Cookies and web analytics.

We do not store or use any type of cookies or web analytics.

1.4. Sharing of personal information.

We do not share any of your personal information.

All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated, all material is copyright by IndustrialVR LLC. Any duplication or redistribution in any form or media, including all material on these pages, is strictly prohibited, unless prior written permission was granted by IndustrialVR LLC.

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